Get the number of rows in a Pandas DataFrame




Get row count

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When working with DataFrames, one often needs the number of rows to carry out certain operations.

Code Example

Call len on a DataFrame to obtain the number of rows.

import pandas as pd

# Create a DataFrame with 4 rows and 3 columns
penguins = pd.DataFrame({
    'name': ['Tim', 'Midge', 'Ronald', 'Amy'], 
    'favorite_food': ['fish', 'fish', 'fish', 'fingers'],
    'age': [2, 18, 12, 8],

# Get the number of rows here
print('Number of Rows:', len(penguins))
Number of Rows: 4

More Examples

Length of the Index

The above code is equivalent to calling len on the DataFrame index.

print('Number of Rows:', len(penguins.index))
Number of Rows: 4

DataFrame Shape

The rows count can also be obtained using the DataFrame's shape property.

rows, cols = penguins.shape
print('Number of Rows:', rows)
Number of Rows: 4